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About The Map

Skytekk 2.1

The aim in Skytekk is to complete a set of tekkit challenges on the challenge wall. 

Current Challenge list:

  • 1.Make a working computer (RP2)
  • 2.Craft a Frame motor (RP2)
  • 3.Craft a quarry (Buildcraft)
  • 4.Craft a sorting machine (RP2)
  • 5.Craft a Builder (Buildcraft)
  • 6.Craft a Hv solar Array (Ic2/compact solars)
  • 7. Fill an MFSU (IC2)
  • 8.Craft a Nuke (ic2)
  • 9.Craft a collector MK3 (EE2)
  • 10.Fill a Klein star vier (EE2)
  • 11. Craft a mining laser (ic2)
  • 12.Make a Swiftwolf ring (EE2)
  • 13. Fill a Klien star Omega (EE2)
  • 14. Make a Quantum suit (IC2)
  • 15.Craft an Abyss Helmet (EE2)
  • 16. Craft the Hurricane Boots (EE2)
  • 17.Craft the Gravity Greaves (EE2)
  • 18. Craft the infernal Armour chest plate (EE2)

The map is as many players as you like!

It is great for a Youtube series!