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 05/01/2015 Well then, Its been a while, First of all I would like to personally apologise to anyone who wanted a 3.0 release. As you can see from below the last updates were quite a while back. At the time we were completely bogeed down in taking our GCSE Exams, we were so focussed upon those that we completely forgot to continue updating Skytekk and since then it hasnt crept into our minds. Today was the first time that I actually thought about Skytekk in a long time. If there is still a demand for an FTB version of Skytekk, it CAN still be done. Just display that you are interested in the 3.0 Dev Section. Thanks, and Sorry :p

 19/06/2014 SKYTEKK 3.0 test build is now more or less finished, If you would like to test check out the 3.0 Dev page.
25/05/2014 I would say that Skytekk3.0 is now probably 70% done. Its mainly challenges and items that still need to be added.
  23/05/2014 We are Back!. As you can see. I have changed the website and have added a section for 3.0 Development.
  16/06/13 Feel free to leave a comment explaining any cool ideas you have for 3.0